Lupe Fiasco - Bitch Bad [Explicit]







I knew from jump that this fucker had some problematic ideas about women you know. I KNEW IT. FUCK conscious men. Fuck them to hell.

Why are women jumping down his throat? The man is not saying women are the problem. He’s covering a needed subject. We dont need to use children as a weapon. Look at the kids! They landmines on they own but grown from the soil of our ill set standards. BOTH MEN AND WOMEN.

I’ve never been a lupe fan and never will be, but I get what he’s doing with this…

yall just mad cus it sounds like he’s talking about Nicki Minaj and her music lol

Is something wrong with my cognitive processes cause, I’d like to think I’m pretty aware of some shit in the world, I get the point of the song…..? I like it, too… And I don’t feel bad……………… Idk

see this is why i can never be on of those “oh sista u should just respect ya self sista you should where a Dashiki” type brothas cause them niggas are misogynist themselves and don’t realize it

I understood the point he was trying to get across. Ya’ll fools be ready to  protest some shit though. i see ya, bored trying to find a purpose. have many seats.